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NFT Giveaway Rules and Village House Management NFT Policy

Ville Jiro NFT AW1

Rules to participate

There will be a post labeled “Ville-Jiro-kun Official NFT Giveaway” on September th on our official Facebook and Instagram accounts. You may choose one or both of the platforms to be eligible for the giveaway campaign.

To enter on Facebook

Step 1: Comment your favorite “Ville-Jiro-kun Official NFT” among 1-10

Step 2: Visit Page

To enter on Instagram

Step 1: Follow

Step 2: Comment your favorite “Ville-Jiro-kun Official NFT” among 1-10

The campaign will last for 7 days. A total of 10 winners will be selected and contacted directly, by our verified Village House social accounts, at the end of the last day to collect their Ville-Jiro-kun Official NFT.

To Collect the NFT if you win – Make sure to respond to message within 48 hours and have a wallet capable of supporting Solana NFTs

*Recommended wallet* – Phantom Wallet – Link to iOS StoreLink to Android Store

Learn more about Ville-Jiro-kun.

Ville-Jiro-kun NFT

About Village House

As one of the largest rental housing service companies in Japan, Village House provides apartments at low initial costs such as security deposit and key money. Upon relocating, Village House also offers move-in support to ensure a stress-free moving experience for local tenants and foreign residents.

Village House Management is promoted by the Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities and Job Seekers (JEED).

With almost 1,100 properties operating in 47 prefectures across Japan, Village House is constantly expanding its range of services to enable all residents to find their ideal home with greater peace of mind.

NFT Legal Copy

*If we confirm that multiple entries have been submitted by the same entrant using multiple accounts, we will consider only the entries from one account to be valid, and all other entries will be deemed invalid.

*Entrants whose accounts are set to “Private” will not be eligible for the drawing.

*Entries will be invalidated if the entrant is underage.

*Entrants who fall under any of the following categories will be disqualified from the prize drawing.

・Employees of the Company

・If we determine that there was any fraudulent activity in the application process

・If the communication environment is not good and the DM is not delivered

・If you fail to respond to the DM by the deadline for notification of winning

・If there are any inaccuracies in the registration details of your application account or personal information of the recipient after winning the prize.

・If the prize cannot be delivered due to the network environment or other reasons

*If we are unable to confirm that you are following our account, mentions our postings, or otherwise maintains your account status at the time of the drawing, you may be disqualified from the drawing. For this reason, we recommend that you maintain your following and mentions for approximately one month after the “Application Period” ends.

*This campaign may be canceled or changed without prior notice.

*We do not accept any questions or inquiries regarding confirmation of receipt of applications, lottery method, winners, losers, etc.

*By participating in this campaign, you are deemed to have agreed to all the terms and conditions of this contest.

*This campaign is not sponsored by Instagram or Facebook.

*Prizes cannot be returned, exchanged, or reshipped after being returned to us.

*We will not be responsible for any damage caused by or related to the prizes after they have been shipped.

*Prizes will be shipped approximately two weeks after the deadline for entering the personal information of the recipient.

*The timing for shipping Prizes is subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances.

*Persons participating in this campaign are responsible for Internet connection and communication fees incurred in participating in this campaign, as well as any other costs incurred in following the procedures described in the prize winners’ DM.

[*Please be noted that we may block accounts of entrants or any other necessary means if we deem an entrant’s action violates the terms and conditions of this campaign.]

[*We will not use the personal information provided by entrants through this campaign for any purposes other than those related to the operation of this campaign, nor disclose it to any third party without your consent.]


*Reproduction in any form is prohibited.

*Copyrights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, design rights, and all other intellectual property rights (including the right to acquire such rights or to apply for registration of such rights) with respect to creative works (including, but not limited to, images and videos, music, trademarks, logos, etc.) related to the Items are protected by the exhibitor, Village House Management.

Therefore, possession of this item does not mean that you own the intellectual property rights to the creative works related to this item.

*You may not make any commercial use or engage in any other activities that may infringe intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, modification, publication, distribution, decompilation, and reverse engineering) without prior consent of Village House Management or other third party license holders.

*The use of creative works related to this item will be rejected if Village House Management deems it inappropriate, such as use that violates or may violate public order and morals or laws and regulations.

*Village House Management or the licensee of any third party shall not be liable for any damages to the Buyer, Seller, Holder or any other third party in connection with the purchase, sale or use of the Item, regardless of the cause of the damage.

What is a NFT?

A NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is digital data with a certificate that says “This data is unique in the world and is owned by this person.

The purchaser can prove that “this NFT is mine” by using digital technology.

The purchaser of this NFT can do the following

View and download images of the NFT purchased.

    *Non-purchasers can only view images.

Secondary sales (resale) of purchased NFT

*Outside marketplaces (sales sites)

*Secondary sales are allowed.

Please note that due to the nature of NFT, this is not a product in which actual photos or devices with digital data are delivered to your home.

Note on this NFT

This NFT is a product to be exhibited under license from Village House Management Co.

Minors must obtain the consent of a parent, guardian, or other legal representative before using this NFT.

Intellectual property rights (copyrights, patents, utility model rights, trademarks, design rights, and other intellectual property rights) in this NFT belong to [Village House Management].

Therefore, even if you are a purchaser of this NFT, you may not do the following

   *print the images of this NFT for any purpose other than personal use, or

issuing another NFT using the same contents

  *Distributing or forwarding images of this NFT to others

  *Displaying this NFT image, publishing it in a book, posting or distributing it on a website, SNS, video distribution site, etc.

  *Processing or alteration of this NFT image

  *Secondary use of this NFT image in another work

  *Selling this NFT image, making it into merchandise, or using it to advertise other products

  *Other acts that may infringe on intellectual property rights.

In the event that any party to the transaction or any other third party suffers any loss or damage as a result of the possession or resale of this NFT after purchase, Village House Management Co. shall not be responsible for any such loss or damage.

In no event shall Village House Management, Inc. be liable for any loss or damage, however caused, in whole or in part, arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the Marketplace, in such case as the termination of the Marketplace service that obstacles users from viewing or reselling this NFT.

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