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What better way to celebrate the joy of summer than to make the most of the traditional summer festival we have in Japan! Tohoku is a hub for festivals in August, it’s the place to be. Aomori Nebuta Festival, Yamagata Hanagasa Festival, Sendai Tanabata Matsuri, Akita Kanto …

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In a society that is now climate-conscious, we all should be doing everything we can as a community to find ways to make our lives more sustainable. We are all used to being environmentally conscious when it comes to recycling – here in Japan we are famous …

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As a result of the increasing cost of living many of us are looking at how to save money. Whether it is cutting costs in your supermarket shop, utility bills, subscriptions to services, or other expenses, like clothing, or eating out and drinking at cafes or bars, …

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Moving is an exhausting process anywhere in the world but admittedly, Japan has on some interesting quirks to an already long process. This is a result of Japan having some unique procedures and regulations when it comes to vacating an apartment or house along with what to …

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So you’ve found a new place to live and have signed the lease. The clock is now ticking down to when you’ll have to vacate your current premises; and before you lies possibly the biggest foe people face when moving: your belongings. ‘Where to even start?!’ you …

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