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Japan is known for its great fireworks displays and the summertime is host to some of the best all year. Check out our article on the best f…
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“What is the average gas bill to be expected for a person living alone?”  “I want to save on gas bills, but I’m not sure how”  …
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A "minimalist" is someone who lives a lifestyle maintaining an appropriate quality of life by owning the bare minimum necessities. There cou…
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A survey of 180 men and women in the greater Tokyo area, aged 20 and above, conducted in 2019 revealed that 31.1% of them considered a 10-mi…
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People move and relocate for all kinds of reasons – work, school, family, or even simply a desire for a change of scenery. In Japan, the mos…
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Is your room feeling a little bit average at the moment? Are you looking to level up your apartment? Would you like your home to feel a litt…
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Japan is renowned for its bustling cities, rich history, and stunning natural landscapes - and whether you’re interested in exploring the na…
One of the main concerns of moving somewhere new is how much it will cost to move out. Many worry that they will be charged a hefty fee for …
With winter behind us, now is the time when a lot of us grow eager to go on a trip, whether a relaxing weekend away in nature or a busy adve…
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When looking for an apartment, many people prefer corner units. Corner units are popular because they have more windows than middle units, a…
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