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Aichi is the perfect place for any food enthusiasts. The prefecture is known for its special food culture filled with deep flavors. If you are considering moving to Aichi, you might want to check out all the tasty regional food the prefecture has to offer. A lot …


Prices continue to rise, while income levels are not improving, amid the prolonged corona, and we are now in an era in which measures are required for future living in Japan. Reducing fixed costs is very effective for living, but especially for those who live in rented …

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Have you ever walked into a place and your eyes are hurting from the bright lights? Hopefully, this isn’t the case with your home. If it is then we can help you fix this with our lighting tips! Here we are going to discuss all things lighting, …

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Halloween has been getting bigger and bigger each year, with more costumes, themed foods, and decorations appearing each time. Crowds of young adults flock to the cities in elaborate costumes to celebrate at big street parties and Halloween-themed events. Home parties have become increasingly popular as well. …

Elderly folk reading Sunday paper

Japan’s birthrate continues to decline. As of September 2021, the elderly population had reached 36.4 million, a record high (according to the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications).  Rental apartments are a great housing option for the ever-increasing number of elderly people.  The …

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