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Japan is known for its great fireworks displays and the summertime is host to some of the best all year. Check out our article on the best f…
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Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the items in the limited storage of your solo living kitchen? Do you feel that you still want to cook co…
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A studio apartment is a typical layout for people living alone. However, many people may be wondering, "What exactly is the layout of a stud…
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A lot of students live alone when they go to university. Although it may feel uneasy to start living alone for the first time, many of them …
When living alone as a woman, choosing a safe property is an important point to avoid harm or trouble. It is also important to take proper s…
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The World Economic Forum revealed that Japan ranked 3rd among top world travel destinations in 2024, coming in behind the United States and …
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According to the Statista Research Department, Japan reached a milestone of 21.15 million one-person households in 2020. This accounted for …
Many are raising their children as single mothers due to a variety of circumstances, such as divorce, the passing away of the husband, or be…
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"What to do if I move to a stigmatized property...?"  "How can I find out if it's a stigmatized property?"  Some people may …
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“What is the average gas bill to be expected for a person living alone?”  “I want to save on gas bills, but I’m not sure how”  …
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