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Japan is known across the world for its unique and sophisticated interior design. The traditions of Japanese interior design have lasted thr…
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If you’re looking for a change in your home and you want something a little bit unique, Spanish Revival interior design may be exactly the l…
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We are lucky to have a rich variety of traditional and modern arts and crafts museums and galleries all across the country in Japan. Taking …
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Convenience stores, or konbiniensu sutoa in Japanese are ubiquitous in the country as trees are in a forest. Though there are no definitive …
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Paid Leave in Japan  The paid leave system in Japan is known as yukyu and according to jobsinjapan.com, the amount of paid leave gra…
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In 2022, TimeOut Magazine ranked Tokyo as the 5th most expensive city in the world for expats and the 2nd most expensive city in Asia. Howev…
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According to the Tokyo Metro Government, the population of Tokyo – 13.99 million as of 2021 – makes up a staggering 11% of Japan’s total pop…
One of the biggest challenges of small apartments is figuring out how to divide the space, particularly if you are in a studio apartment. On…
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Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, is a nature lover's paradise with its picturesque landscapes, stunning coastlines, and abundant …
Are you fascinated by the laid-back vibes and beachy aesthetics of California's coastal homes? If you live in Japan and dream of transformin…
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