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Japanese homes are famous for their unique minimalist style. Take MUJI for example, a Japanese brand that is now popular in many western countries. It’s championing modern Japanese designs and fusions with ‘Scandi’ styles that are popular in the west. Minimalism is both a lifestyle and aesthetic. …

Iritahama Beach Credit to IG User @yosuke harima

For many people, Shizuoka prefecture is most famous for being the home of Mt. Fuji. However, beyond this, there are many Shizuoka beaches to make the most of during the swimming season. Those living in Tokyo flock to Shizuoka in summer to make the most of all …

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There are endless benefits to growing a herb garden, such as the positive environmental impact, money-saving benefits, and the benefit to our wellbeing. Additionally, increasing uncertainties have encouraged many to turn to growing their own food and trying to be more self-sufficient. Moreover, fresh, homegrown food is …

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In a country with so much clean water, it’s no surprise that there are so many waterfalls in Japan. From the iconic Nachi Falls to Kegon Falls, Shiraito Falls, and various Okinawa waterfalls such as Ta-Taki. Japan’s mountainous terrain and water abundance make for a country covered …

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Some rental apartments don’t come with much built-in storage, so renters often find themselves in need of kitchen shelves, display shelves, and book shelving. There are a few easy DIY crafts for making renter-friendly shelves and no-damage alternatives as well as storage drawers. Using adhesive mounting strips …

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