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People celebrating Japan festival
Japan is famous across the globe for its exciting festivals, and in June, festivals in Japan are the perfect way to connect with the traditi…
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When choosing a rental property, it’s important to consider not only the rent and floor plan but also the age of the building. This may come…
In a study conducted by Japan’s House and Land Survey in 2019, the average floor plan of a Japanese apartment in Tokyo, the capital city, av…
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March and April heralds in a time of renewal and change in Japan with March being the end of the school and fiscal year, and April being the…
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“I’m thinking about renting a Japanese-style apartment, but what’s it like?”  “I’d like to know about the advantages and disadvantag…
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Space is often a luxury here in Japan, especially for private outdoor spaces, which can be a difficult barrier for people who want to begin …
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Wooden apartment buildings tend to have cheaper rent than those that are made of steel and concrete. However, many are concerned about the e…
Some people wonder if single mothers can rent a rental property or what to do if they are rejected during the tenant screening.  In …
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Apartment hunting can be a tiring process. Many want to move but can’t seem to find any good options. Others don’t even know where to begin …
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People living alone for the first time are often particular about their apartment's location, amenities, interior, etc. However, many people…
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