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Osaka street culture scaled

Here’s our Osaka neighborhood guide! If you are moving to Osaka this may help you decide which are the best neighborhoods in Osaka so that you can figure out where to live in Osaka. Osaka, the capital of Osaka prefecture, is the third most populated city in …

Reductive design elements scaled

About Minimalism (declutter your life) Minimalism is a movement that first began as an art movement and music movement, focusing on the idea of simplicity and using space. People have adopted the theories of this into the ideas of a minimalist lifestyle, in other words, a clutter …

Peace Statue Nagasaki scaled

Here’s a Nagasaki Japan guide for anyone moving to Nagasaki, visiting, or living in Nagasaki. We’ll discuss traveling to Nagasaki, its history, and what to do in Nagasaki. Nagasaki Peace Park, Huis Ten Bosch, and the UNESCO World Heritage Hidden Christian sites are just some of the …

osaka vegan restaurants scaled

Osaka is considered the food capital of Japan, and Japan is not generally seen as a particularly vegan-friendly country due to things like fish dashi finding its way into most meals. When people visit Osaka, they often hope to try regional dishes such as okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and …

xmas cookies scaled

It’s Christmas! Every store is playing Christmas songs, every shopping center is decked out with Christmas-themed confectionery. The monster that is Commercial Christmas is here again, and it is unavoidable! For better, or for worse. I wonder what the Grinch would think. Christmas in Japan If you’re …

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