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What is a 2K apartment? Apartments in Japan So, you’re moving to Japan and looking for apartments in Japan. Or you’re here already and looking for different apartments for rent. Anyway, you’ve stumbled across some confusing descriptions – the 1LDK, 1DK, 2K apartment – and decided that …

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Since we’ve all been spending a lot of time in our living spaces, it’s a good idea to make sure we’re getting the most out of the space. Apartments have had to change from already being small multifunctional living and sleeping spaces to now being workspaces too. …

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What Are Bathrooms Like in Japanese Apartments? While apartments in Japan have similar bathrooms to western countries, Japanese bathrooms can have some quirks and interesting differences to those back home! Like many things here, bathrooms in Japan have been designed with careful consideration, and with convenience and …

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Separating trash in Japan will vary from how you separate the trash in your home country. It’s one of the more unexpected challenges of moving to Japan. Recycling in Japan varies from town to town. If you can’t figure out the system of separating trash in Japan …

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Over the last two years, as a result of half of the world being locked inside, people have reached out for exercise more than ever. Perhaps the most popular of all of these sports to take up is cycling. Cycling in Japanis an experience like no other. …

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